The final performance

On Tuesday, 7 June at 8 PM at the Ilija M.  Kolarac endowment, the KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Serbia will hold the final performance of the 68th concert season titled #TRADICIJANOVA.   The tickets at affordable prices are available at the Kolarac endowment.

The KOLO Ensemble’s membership consists of more than 50 dancers, who are also singers, as well as 14 musicians of the National Orchestra, who gave 64 performances during this season. In addition to the Belgrade audience, our programmes were also seen by audiences in many cities in Serbia (in Paraćin, Novi Sad, Užice, Raška, Jagodina, Bečej, Sremska Mitrovica…), and we also appeared with great success in Banja Luka, Zagreb, and Paris. After 27 years we reignited collaboration with the LADO Ensemble from Zagreb. The joint performances by KOLO and LADO in Belgrade and Zagreb most certainly represent our highest artistic accomplishments this season. The KOLO Ensemble’s Director Vladimir Dekić has this to say about future plans:

“The KOLO Ensemble ends the 68th season in the best possible way—by a performance at the Ilija M. Kolarac endowment and the audition for intern volunteers. Education, development, and broadening knowledge and skills were among our priorities this season, and we wish to use the audition to select candidates to whom we will offer work with renowned experts and potential collaboration with professional artists and authors. Satisfied with the previous season, with the new, fresh energy of young artists that we will choose at the 20 June audition we look forward to the next, 69th season of the KOLO Ensemble.”

(Find out more about the audition at

The programme that the Ensemble will perform on the prestigious Kolarac stage will be an opportunity for the audience to once again recognize our efforts to present the art of folk dance, songs, and music on a very professional level.

At the Kolarac endowment’s lobby, visitors will see an exhibition of photographs by Jelena Janković, a photographer who follows and documents the KOLO Ensemble’s work.