Closing the series Kolo in Belgrade / Belgrade in Kolo

With a concert to be held on Thursday, 17 December, at the Stamenković stage at UK Palilula, the KOLO Ensemble KOLO will close its KOLO IN BELGRADE/BELGRADE IN KOLO series for 2015. This will be this year’s last performance in Belgrade and, like the previous one, it spurred a lot of interest—tickets are sold out.

Visitors will have an opportunity to see an exhibition of photographs by Jelena Janković.

This year was actually marked by great interest for all our performances, not just those in Belgrade. We see the reasons for this interest primarily in the diverse artistic content and highly artful interpretation of the programmes that we presented this year, as well as in our activities and presence on social media. By performing traditional dance concerts, full evening vocal programmes, and choreographic miniatures to the music of contemporary composers from our new program line TradicijaNova, we succeeded in bringing the folk art and KOLO’s art closer to a new audience. Our donor concerts continued our efforts in social responsibility.

The new approach and line developed by the Ensemble was recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information.


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