Press Release

At the session held on 19 June 2015, the Board of Directors of the KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble started opening the received applications for the public competition for the selection of the director of the KOLO Ensemble.

The Board of Directors noted that four applications were received in time, two of which were complete.

In accordance with the procedure for the selection of candidates (pursuant to Article 34 and in relation to Article 32 of the KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble’s Statute No. 02-1238/01.10.2012.), the candidates to be invited to the interview are Aleksandra Stojanović and Vladimir Dekić.

The Board of Directors ordered that the CVs and proposed programme of work and development of the Ensemble for a period of four years submitted by the candidates be published on the KOLO Ensemble’s website –

The opening of applications was attended by an authorized representative of a representative trade union.

The session of the Board of Directors, where the mentioned candidates will be interviewed, is scheduled for 26 June 2015, starting at 9.30 AM.


Aleksandra Stojanović – Download CV as PDF

Vladimir Dekić – Download CV as PDF