With performances at the Cultural Centre in Ivanjica on Tuesday, 10 May, starting at 8 PM and the Požarevac Culture Centre on 18 May at 8 PM, the KOLO Ensemble continues its series of concerts around Serbia.

Within this year’s celebration of the Ensemble KOLO Day, on Saturday, 14 May at noon, the Yugoslav Cinema (Uzun Mirkova 1) will host a screening of films dedicated to the Ensemble’s early efforts. This “getting to know the KOLO Ensemble on film” will include Filmske novosti’s and KOLO Ensemble’s archives. Already by tradition, a performance at the National Theatre in Belgrade’s Grand Stage will celebrate KOLO’s 68th anniversary on Sunday, 15 May, starting at 8 PM. The artists’ virtuosity and the demanding approach to the presentation of the art of folk dance, songs, and music served as an inspiration and obligation for all generations of KOLO’s members, from its foundation to this day, to present the prolific cultural heritage of Serbia as best as possible.

In partnership with the Partenon Academy in Paris, KOLO will be touring from 20 through 23 May in the capital of France. On Sunday, 22 May, starting at 7 PM, the KOLO Ensemble and the Partenon Academy will together perform for the Paris audience at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell.