KOLO in Paraćin

The KOLO Ensemble continues its 68th season with a performance on Friday, 22 January, at the theatre in Paraćin. In addition to the already traditional KOLO IN BELGRADE/BELGRADE IN KOLO cycle, the ensemble’s plan for this year’s season will present its programmes to audiences throughout Serbia.

After this tour, KOLO will perform in Novi Sad, Užice, and Sombor. On Monday, 25 January at 7 PM on the Serbian National Theater’s Jovan Đorđević stage, KOLO will present to the Novi Sad audience dances and songs from its prolific repertoire, accompanied by the folk orchestra. KOLO will perform the concert in Užice on Thursday, 28 January at 8 PM, on the National Theatre of Užice’s Grand Stage. On Saturday, 6 February, starting at 8 PM at the Mostonga City Hall in Sombor, the ensemble will perform a concert organized by the National Theatre Sombor and the Laza Kostić cultural centre. At these events, the audience will have an opportunity to see an exhibition of photographs by Jelena Janković, a photographer who joined the KOLO Ensemble team last year.

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