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The KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Serbia will continue its concert cycle in cities throughout Serbia in March. KOLO will perform on 5 March at Jagodina’s Cultural Centre, on 11 March at Bečej’s City Theatre, and on March 18 at Zrenjanin’s Cultural Centre. Great artistic achievements in interpreting the prolific traditional arts that are the subject of KOLO’s professional efforts continue to spur interest among the audience. KOLO will once again present dances and songs accompanied by the Folk Orchestra from the prolific and diverse repertoire of the Ensemble. Visitors will also be able to see an exhibition of photographs by Jelena Janković.

KOLO strives to be available to all traditional arts admirers and to give them an experience of folk dances, songs, and music on a professional level, so we have made it possible to purchase tickets at affordable prices.

Within its KOLO IN BELGRADE/BELGRADE IN KOLO cycle, the Ensemble will perform on 7 and 30 March on UK Palilla’s Stamenković stage. The municipality of Palilula bought the concert for its residents. / www.ukpalilula.rs /


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