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Continuing its 68th season, the KOLO Ensemble will hold a performance on 1 April at 8 PM at the Lazarevac Culture Centre. Already on 8 April at 8 PM at the National Theatre in Belgrade (Grand Stage), KOLO will play host to the LADO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Croatia. After 27 years this will be the first joint performance by the two professional ensembles, which foster the art of folk dance, songs, and music. The performance titled HAND IN HAND will involve more than a hundred singer/dancers and musicians, who will present the prolific cultural heritage of Serbia and Croatia. After the Belgrade performance, KOLO and LADO will also hold a concert in Zagreb on 15 April 15 at 8 PM at the Croatian National Theatre. The renewed collaboration between the KOLO Ensemble and the LADO Ensemble was encouraged by the ensembles’ leaders’ mutual desire. Here’s what the LADO Ensemble’s Director Krešimir Dabo and the KOLO Ensemble’s Director Vladimir Dekić had to say about the performances:

“Excellence, professionalism, and the highest achievements in the performance of traditional culture are features of these two ensembles that, by activating their collaboration after so many years, are positioning themselves as the very best ambassadors of their countries’ cultures. In this light, we look forward to exchanging experiences and knowledge, and especially to the reactions of our audience,” Krešimir Dabo said.

“High standards, opulent repertoires, and approach to fostering tradition are what drew us together us again after so many years. The undeniable quality of artists, as well as the very demanding approach to the concert presentation of the art of folk dances, songs, and music, inspires us and obligates us to interpret works of art that best represent the prolific cultural heritage of Croatia and Serbia for audiences in Zagreb and Belgrade. I think it is utterly important that we work together closely in the future, because we are aware that in the time of overall globalization, our art is what makes us distinct,” said Vladimir Dekić. The performances were supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.


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Концертом у Кучеву у Центру за културу „Вељко Дугошевић“ 21.априла у 19:00 часова Ансамбл Коло наставља серијал концерата по Србији.

Последњи концерт у априлу биће одржан у УК Палилула 26.04. са почетком у 20:00 часова.

Фото: Јелена Јанковић