The KOLO Ensemble’s donor concert



The KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Serbia and Atelje 212 announce the KOLO Ensemble’s donor concert. The donations will be used to equip the sensory room of the School for Children with Developmental Disabilities Novi Beograd.

The evening concert on Monday, 12 October at 8 PM at Atelje 212 continues the KOLO Ensemble’s efforts in social responsibility.  After celebrating World Autism Awareness Day by the performance at UK Palilula, the including of the folklore section of the Different Together association in the Ensemble’s concert programme at the National Theatre in Niš, as well as their visit to the Ensemble premises to observe the artists’ preparations for the World Music Day celebration, the donors concert at Atelje 212 represents continued efforts to draw attention to the issues faced by marginalized groups.

The entire earnings from the ticket sale will be donated for the purpose of collecting funds for equipping the sensory room at the School for Children with Developmental Disabilities Novi Beograd.

What is the sensory room and how come that the Ensemble recognized the importance of participating in this campaign? Acting Director Vladimir Dekić explains:

The Novi Beograd primary school is attended by 130 students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The school’s professional staff develops and implements individual educational programmes, all in order to promote the psychological and physical development of the students, their independence, and socialization. The increased number of enrolled children with sensory integration disorders created the need for a sensory room that would primarily be intended for working with children who have difficulties processing the daily sensory information into comprehensive perception and who manifest the need for tactile stimulation, movement, sound, and light sensations.

The sensory room would significantly improve the quality of work and conditions for providing qualified support, as well as opportunities for the children to explore, investigate, watch, touch, listen, and improve concentration with a significant reduction in psychomotor tension and anxiety. This would allow the child a sense of security and connection, stimulating communication and closeness, contentment, and relaxation, which combined significantly improve personal development and integration. That is why we are launching the campaign with the unselfish help of Atelje 212, which has granted us access to its capacities to ensure a performance at the highest level.”

The Ensemble noted that the programme was designed with the intention to avoid repeating the choreographies interpreted in the KOLO IN BELGRADE/BELGRADE IN KOLO season.

Tickets are priced at RSD 400 and can be purchased at Atelje 212.
Attachment: Photographs by Jelena Janković and the archive

Ansambl KOLO FOTO Jelena Janković 1 Ansambl KOLO FOTO Jelena Janković 2 senzorna soba PRIMER