The Ensemble KOLO Day

On Sunday, 15 May, at 8 PM, the National Theatre in Belgrade will open its grand stage for a performance by the KOLO Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Serbia to mark its 68th anniversary.  For this occasion, we have prepared a programme that will take you on an artistic journey through the Ensemble’s prolific history, performing choreography pieces that have marked its nearly seven decades of existence. The tickets at affordable prices are available at the National Theatre box office.

The concerts marking the foundation day of the Ensemble traditionally take place at the National Theatre in Belgrade. The Ensemble’s first appearance was on 28 November 1948 at the solemn academy held at the National Theatre. Already a month later, on 25 and 26 December, the Ensemble performed its first two concerts on the stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade.

The Ensemble was founded by the Government of the People’s Republic of Serbia on 15 May 1948, with the aim of utilizing professional and studious work to foster and devise new choreography and artistic renditions of folk dances, songs, and music, while preserving their origins, style, and principal nature. The undisputable quality of the artists and the extremely demanding approach to concert renditions of folk dances, songs, and music inspired all generations of the KOLO Ensemble’s artists to present the abundant cultural heritage of Serbia in the country and abroad through world-class appearances. Today’s generation of KOLO artists will have plenty of inspiration on this coming 15 May, when the Ensemble will celebrate its 68 years of successful efforts.

Director of the KOLO Ensemble Vladimir Dekić commented the occasion: “It has been a year since the premiere of the new concept of a concert presentation of folk dances, songs, and music, which put the spotlight on the Ensemble’s prolific history, great artists, and works of art that we were given to preserve. By using new technologies, interconnecting with other art forms, as well as continuous development, we managed to attract a new young and demanding audience, to reinvigorate the experience of our regular patrons, as well as to launch a new, modern, artistic, and technically more demanding approach to tradition and its presentation.

Not only in the country, but also in the region. The renewed collaboration with our colleagues from LADA and our reactions and impressions from Croatia are something that motivates us to continue to boldly push the envelope. And not just the artistic one. We are glad that by raising the bar we have managed to motivate, inspire, and influence others. This year’s KOLO Day is dedicated to you—our faithful audience—and we invite you to join us on 15 May at the National Theatre in Belgrade. We realize that until now you may not have had the opportunity to celebrate such an important date for the KOLO Ensemble with us, so we look forward to meeting you and exchanging energy.”

Within this year’s celebration of the Ensemble KOLO Day, on Saturday, 14 May at noon, the Yugoslav Cinema (Uzun Mirkova 1) will host a screening of films dedicated to the Ensemble’s efforts from its foundation till today.  This “getting to know the KOLO Ensemble on film” will include Filmske novosti’s and KOLO Ensemble’s archives, which will be shown for the very first time.

In the National Theatre’s lobby, the KOLO Ensemble will hold an exhibition of photographs by our associate Jelena Janković, a photographer who follows and documents the Ensemble’s work.