KOLO Ensemble anniversary

BELGRADE, 14 May 2015 FoNet – “On it anniversary, Friday, 15 May, the Kolo Ensemble will perform at the National Theatre in Belgrade to present the art of folk dance and songs in a new way and in a theatre setting,” said the Ensemble’s Director Vladimir Dekić.

“We have devised a new concept of concert presentation of our art that includes video announcements, as well as new light design and sound design,” Dekić told FoNet in an interview on the occasion of the Ensemble’s 67th anniversary.

He pointed out that the Kolo Ensemble did not change its choreography, adding that the announcements have a new form and that the National Theatre concert goers will have the opportunity to see them in a theatre setting.

The Ensemble’s team worked to come up with a 21st century design. What is interesting is that the choreographies that our audience had had the opportunity to see remained, but they will be announced differently and the performance itself will have different lighting, Dekić explained.

He opined that the art of folk dance and songs would in this way “get a fresh and polished look for the 21st century.”

We managed to include other artists in our concert presentation, so we created a creative team that fits into what we do, which is presenting the art of folk dance and songs, Dekić said.

He stressed that the main goal of the Kolo Ensemble’s new way of presentation is to bring the art of folk dance and songs closer to the modern viewer.

The idea behind our new concept is to further awaken the need for our engagement in the country and abroad, Dekić said.

He added that the Kolo Ensemble has 50 dancers and 14 orchestra members and that they will take part in the performance to celebrate the Ensemble’s anniversary at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

We even got a bit of backup, especially in the orchestra, with our hard-working intern volunteers. One of the things we are planning is to expand our orchestra corps a bit, Dekić said.

The Kolo Ensemble will also launch its new website on its anniversary Friday.